“You all know me: I had three sons.
The first the sniffing weasel killed
Outside the hole. Another died
Of agonizing poison.
Today I lost the last and best,
Cake-eater addressing the Congress
"Then the Frogs, with a great cry, called
On their Gods and sounded the fell
Note of war, while up the bank each Mouse
In place knelt by his spear and prayed
To the God of the Fields for Victory."
Massing of Troops at the Border
               .... Even the giant Frog
Cabbage-eater fled before him, retreating
Down to the water's edge where he
               but too late. For Troglodyte,
Whirling his sword overhead, slashed
Him from his head to his soft stomach….
Death of the Frog Cabbage-eater
               ....The two warriors
Faced each other, saluted, then warily
Began to circle. Troglodyte struck first,
A quick thrust at the neck which Pond-larker
Individual Heroism: Pond-larker and Troglodyte
Down the shore Puff-jaw spoke over
Pond-larker. "We must never forget
Nor let our eyes grow dim nor our hearts
Impervious to this great example of
Pond-larker in battle with the Mice.
From it our children will learn who
Hates the Frogs and is their enemy…."